RM360 Physicians & Therapists Team Safely Monitors Seniors in Home, ALF & NH under Cognitive Therapy, with Families online access to their vital signs & Progress.

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RM360 H2H: Hospital to Home Patient Monitoring with Cognitive Therapy in a Medicare compliance delivery system.

Hospital quality control & clinicians able to track all biometrics & disease regression or relapse after discharge.

Memory loss is silent disease; Lost time is lost opportunity for recovery & financial burden to healthcare system.

Now we have tools & interventions which allows us to screen patients for early memory loss in the following inpatient medical needs.

  • Post CVA early screening of memory impairment
  • Post Cardiac Arrest  memory loss Screening
  • Post respiratory arrest memory loss screening
  • Post seizure memory loss screening
  • Lupus or autoimmune dis. memory loss screening
  • Sleep Apnea & congestive heart failure  memory loss screening
  • Age > 65 cognitive function screening for early memory loss


Learn about the memory loss & Regain Memory 360, A complete Brain workout program for the people with memory loss, researched & developed by Suresh Kumar M.D. Triple Board Certified Traumatic Brain Injury medicine specialist & Neurologist. Director of Headache, Traumatic Brain Injury & Memory Research Institute Frisco

Alzheimer’s dementia & Regain Memory 360

Late Onset Alzheimer’s Disease or Sporadic AD (99% of AD) showed variable gene expression of beta amyloid with age in twin study, the gene expression is triggered by environmental and neurochemical status of aged body in research studies.Memory 360 is systematic approach to mild to moderate dementia or memory loss, to switch off the gene expression. Regain Memory patient eligibility Patients above 55 years of age should be screen with MoCA or MMSE score 11 to 26 out of 30 & recommended Memory evaluation & Treatment with RegainMemory 360 approach.

Our Partners


World Renownned Alzheimer’s & Dementia Expert, Carl Sadowsky MD, FAAN. Neurologist, uses in his practice Regain Memory 360 to help his patients with dementia.

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Our Services

Our Services

Physican Assisted memory loss evaluation & treatment we can detect signs of early dementia or minimal memory loss and plan intervention to prevent any future loss.

Our Experiences
Our research have shown to improve memory to 5 to 8 years in dementia and Pre-injury level in the traumatic brain injury.
Our Motto
Our therapy is a race against time; Lost time is a lost opportunity to recover!

Brain Injury Cognitive Screen
Tests all the lobes in brain in 4.5 minutes mobile app test any where.

About Suresh Kumar

Dr. Suresh Kumar M.D.


Dr. Suresh Kumar is a Triple board certified neurologist, headaches Medicine & Brain Injury Medicine. Dr. Kumar’s life has been dedicated to the advance medical research and improvements in patient life. Dr. Kumar has researched & developed RM 360 a comprehensive complete brain workout program, neuro-cognitive training for dementia and TBI patients with cognitive deficit. Dr. Kumar and his cognitive therapist team have successfully trained many patients with cognitive deficit.  Continuous research have shown and supported healthy body healthy mind, RM360 is based on optimizing body, monitor physical activity and train the weak circuit of brain.

We have compiled our data and presented at American Academy of Neurology Meetings as research abstract in 2015 as pilot study & presented more data in American Congress Rehabilitation Medicine in October 2015.AAIC 2019 research on highest yield on blood test for dementia workup. Homocysteine with direct correlation with early memory loss, Controlled supervised individualized cognitive therapy improve cognition in mild to moderate dementia is being presented in LA meeting.

“We are all constantly losing brain cells as we age, some just more than others. Regain Memory 360 allows you to retain these cells, and generate new connections through a process known as Hebbian Neuroplasticity,” states Dr. Kumar.

Regain Memory 360. program can help you and your loved ones create and retain new memories due to traumatic brain injury, dementia and other neurological issues.

Regain Memory 360 :

  • Physician consultation with a cognitive & memory specialist.
  • Evaluate, optimize and monitor the brain’s neurochemicals and nutritional balance.
  • Tests the memory function and weakness of brain connections.
  • Optimizes and monitors the body for ideal learning conditions.
  • Gives the brain a complete work-out 3 times per week by a licensed therapist.
  • Continuous memory workout with monitored active learning.
  • Services are provided by trained and approved Regain Memory 360 specialists.


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